Pinterest Reveals the 2019 Home Trends

Pinterest is a great way to mark clothing, home decoration, food and diets, crafts, and more.  See what real people are interested in doing with their home this year:

Bold Wallpaper.  There’s been a huge surge of interest on Pinterest—a 401 percent increase in search traffic—for big, dramatic wallpaper patterns like tropical leaves that bring a room to life.  If you're not sure if the look is for you, there is REMOVABLE wallpaper you can try (brilliant!).


Yellow Accents.  The color instantly brightens everything up.  Searches for mustard yellow, specifically, were up by 45 percent.


Natural Pools.  We definitely need a way to cool down in the summer in San Antonio.  Natural pools are eco-friendly, look modern, and don't have chemicals or chlorine.  Searches were up 262%.  


Find out what other home trends for 2019 are being searched for on Pinterest ***CLICK HERE!***


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