The San Antonio Missions Immortalized on US Quarter

Back in 2010, the US Mint started putting out quarters (one every 10 weeks) featuring national parks.  They were released in the order the parks were created or designated.  The San Antonio Missions weren't recognized as a national park until 1978 so they're one of the last ones to be released.  Hey, save the best for last! 

The coin is the only one that doesn't have ONE image.  Instead it has four.  The arches and bell represent community. The lion represents our Spanish cultural heritage. The waves on the bottom right signify  the San Antonio River and represent “irrigation methods and life-sustaining resources,” the website said. The wheat symbol indicates farming.

The coin is available now for purchase on the US Mint website and will be put into circulation on August 26th.  This quarter may be harder to collect than the 50 states quarters, for example, because there won't be as many.




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