Disney Isn't Cheap. Not Cheap At All.

I just took my family to Disney On Ice. Yup, that's me (above) geeking out with my son. Man, it was wonderful! I even teared up watching my kids enjoy it so much. But it was also expensive even though I was lucky enough that I didn't have to buy tickets.

  • Parking: $20
  • Light Up Thingies: $30 each (we got two)
  • Two lemonades and a popcorn: $40

You're looking at $120 for...basically...nothing. UG!

Mike is going to take his family to Disney World next month and, wow, not cheap. Plus Mike says it feels like a full-time job trying to plan out his trip.

Also, we talked about where you can take naps at Disney and there are actually places! Not specifically for naps but still. Click Here to read it.



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