These Mashups Are Going To Be Stuck In Your Head!

In doing a little research on Pat Benatar, I landed on a video of a mashup between her and Barry White. It's hilarious and catchy...and really well done!

The mastermind behind this is DJ Cummerbund. He seems to be very talented!

So that got me going down the rabbit hole that is the internet and I found out DJ Cummerbund has done a lot of these mashups! I don't know how he does it but they're going to be stuck in your head.

There's KISS and the B-52s:

And there's Rick James and the Foo-Fighters who gave it their seal of approval.

Beyonce going hard core with Rammstein (which actually goes REALLY well together):

Not enough for you? There are more! You can check out DJ Cummerbund's YouTube channel ***CLICK HERE***

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