Make Your Valentine Flowers Last Longer

Giving and getting flowers is kind of a Valentine's tradition. But they're expensive. And you don't want them fading away after a few days. So whether you got that beautiful bouquet from your spouse, your kids, or your best friend, here are some tips to make them last longer:

  • Tip #1- Inspect the flowers well before you buy, weeding out the flowers that looks slimy or unsightly at the stem.
  • Tip #2 - Cut with care, using special flower snippers like pruners or garden shears and cutting your flowers at 45 degree angle.
  • Tip #3 - Choose longer lasting flowers, like chrysanthemums or carnations.
  • Tip #4 - Load up on plant food packets and use a new one every time you switch out the water. When there aren't anymore, don't try to substitute. Just use plain water.
  • Tip #5 - Extend the beauty of the greenery inside the bouquet with plant polish, which can make all the difference and bring your bouquet to life.

(WXYZ) Photo: Getty/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc