'Rare Sight': Alligator Found Hanging Out In Texas Desert

Photo: Midland County Sheriff's Office

An American alligator was found hanging out in the Texas desert. The Midland County Sheriff's office responded to the "rare" sight. My San Antonio reported that the office received a call of an alligator hiding under a car in Midland.

The Midland County Sheriff's Office posted photos and a video on Facebook of the alligator. The office wrote:

"The complainant found the alligator under his car. Deputy Rodriguez responded and the Alligator was safely “taken into custody”. 
Dr. Tommy Wilson, with A to Z Veterinary has a contract with the local Game Warden. The Alligator will be in his care until it’s released to a Game Warden. We’re hoping a possible owner calls to claim our friend that’s obviously lost in the desert."

Officials were able to get the alligator to safety. A local game warden took the animal to a vet, who will care for it for the time being. Deputies think that the animal may be an "out-of-place" pet.

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