This House In Texas Went Viral For One 'Magical' Reason

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When you're looking for a new home, things like location, foundation and plumbing come to mind. But what about the landscaping?

A house in Temple is going viral for what's outside — not what's inside, although we'll get to that later. Popular Twitter account Zillow Gone Wild shared a listing of this $259,000 home for "one reason and one reason only": a huge live oak tree in the front yard. Pictures of the listing show the massive and "climby" live oak taking over much of the exterior of the 9,000-square-foot home.

"That's a $259,000 tree," one user commented.

"Ok, that's an amazing tree. That is begging for a bunch of kids to be climbing it," said another.

"This tree most certainly has magical powers," another user said.

The inside of the home turned some heads, too.

One bedroom features a green shag carpet and wooden walls, while the bathrooms are tiled in pink and blue. The kitchen is also polka-dotted from top to bottom. "Which 70s era sitcom used this house for filming? Because that can be the only plausible explanation for the look," one user commented.

While these are some of the most eyecatching things of the 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home, some users noticed something not seen with the visible eye: the potentially astronomical home insurance policy.

"Insurance companies hate this house for ONE simple reason," one user wrote.

"'Hi, I would like to purchase some insurance for my house.' (*loads up Google Street view*) Insurance underwriter: 'Yeah, nah,'" another user quipped.

Take a look at the listing! Would you buy it?

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