Genius Hacks for Pasta

Toast your pasta in the oven before boiling it.

Toasting your pasta in the oven adds a nutty, deep flavor without any additional ingredients.

Toast your pasta in a dry pan before cooking.

a quicker alternative to toasting pasta in the oven,

Cook your pasta in cheap red wine for an intense flavor and vibrant color.

It adds a delicious flavor and a stunning burgundy color as well.

Boil your pasta in seasoned stock for an instant flavor boost.

Boiling pasta in a flavorful liquid allows the pasta to absorb a ton of flavor during the cooking process. Use beef broth for heartier dishes like bolognese or vegetable stock for lighter pastas like carbonara.

Transform pasta into crispy snacks by deep-frying it.

Serve as a crunchy, cracker-like snack or try crumbling on top of your favorite pasta dishes for extra crunch.

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Jennie James

Jennie James

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