The Weirdest Parenting Advice We've Tried the Past 100 Years

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You're going to read through this list and thing to yourself, "How did anything think this would work!?"  But, as a parent, you also know that sometimes you'll try anything to make sure you have a happy and healthy baby!  

For example:  In the 1910s, moms-to-be were told to refrain from ugly thoughts so they would have a beautiful baby.  

In the 1920s parents were told that fresh air was good for babies and advised to keep their kids out ALL DAY.

In the 1930s, it was suggested you start potty training your child IMMEDIATELY after s/he was born.

In the 1940s pregnant women were told not to listen to the radio at loud volumes as it could excite the baby.

In the 1950s, baby-proofing was discouraged as it was looked at as lazy parenting!

In the 60s doctors felt pregnant women could safely smoke up to half a pack of cigarettes a day.

In the 70s babies were only supposed to be bathed up to twice a week.

In the 80s moms-to-be were advised to avoid computers and video games.

The 90s brought us playing Mozart for our kiddos in the womb to, supposedly, make them smarter.

And these days they're saying not to cut your hair while pregnant because you can't trust your hormones to help you make the right decision. ???

These are some crazy things.  Maybe you even remember your parents doing them with you, or hearing your friends suggest them to you when you were pregnant.  


Jennie James

Jennie James

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