Here's Why You Should Never Throw Away Strawberry Tops

I've never eaten the tops of strawberries.  I don't think it ever occurred to me to eat them actually.  But they're safe to eat and very healthy and flavorful.

Blend them into smoothies.  You put kale in smoothies right?  The strawberry leaves contain tannins, which is an organic substance that binds to other foods and help with digestion.  You put kale in smoothies right?  

Infuse them in water.  Literally just dump the tops into some water.  The flavor will help you drink all the water you need (what is it now, 80 oz a day?)

Flavor your favorite liquor.  Put these little blasts of berry flavor into a cup of your favorite clear liquor (vodka, gin, rum) and let them sit for two days. The concoction will come out pink and strawberry flavored.

Punch up vinegar.  Looking for a healthy salad dressing alternative?  Put those tops into vinegar for about an hour and you've got yourself a fresh strawberry-infused salad topper.


Jennie James

Jennie James

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