Avoid Pandemic Overeating

The pandemic has taking my eating to whole new levels! Eating from boredom. Eating from stress & anxiety. Eating the pies and desserts my husband started making. I'm pretty sure I gained the COVID-19 and more.

So how do you not eat? Obviously do what this says, not what I'm doing!

--Don’t overdo it (riiiiight)

--Pre-portion your snacks (you can also put your snack in a bowl regardless of size. That way you don't eat the whole bag, and you'll probably be too lazy to get up to get more...speaking from experience)

--Pick plant-based comfort foods (Look up plant based comfort foods on a search engine)

--Give your indulgences a nutritional upgrade (for example, if you like ice cream, top it with fruit and nuts)

--Finally, make some time for tea. Green tea in particular has less caffeine than coffee, tons of antioxidants and amino acids that can reduce stress and promote calm feelings.

(KSAT) Photo: Getty