Learn How to Weatherproof All of Your Outdoor Decorations So They Last

Decorations In Garden Of House Celebrating Thanksgiving

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You use your decorations year to year. Some may have been passed down from your parents or even your grandparents. So take care of them!

Waterproofing is key. While many things are labeled for outdoor use, they can still become battered after enough time in the open air, which is why Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin suggests applying a layer of a water shield. "Scotchgard ($10.58, homedepot.com) is the key," she says. "Honestly, you would be surprised how many things you can spray with it." 

Another good option? According to Low, a clear coat of either polyurethane or acrylic works well on wood-based materials. 

Keep your decorations in place. Water isn’t the only thing to worry about. Wind actually causes the most damage. Whenever you place ground pieces outside, Low suggests anchoring them into the earth and monitoring any small parts that could blow away.

Don't forget to protect your property, too. In addition to damaging your decorations, loose décor can cause property damage. Make sure your wreaths are secured properly so they don't blow around and scratch your door's paint; you'll also want to secure anything hung near or on windows to prevent broken glass.


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