Traveling Alone? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Solo travel is nothing new. Individuals have been traversing the globe on their own as far back as travel records have been recorded. Remember solo travel presents certain challenges. Be careful and adhere to these five fundamental principles:

Public is safer than private. Stay in public places, don’t leave with a person you have just met.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Choose who to talk to, don’t let yourself be chosen. Listen to your instincts.

Engage other people in your safety. If you are feeling uncomfortable, stop and ask for directions. A local can tell you if you are heading into an unsafe area.

Never be rushed into a decision. Con artists are successful when they can get you to make a quick decision without considering the consequences. Take your time.

Be rude, if necessary. Regardless of whether feelings get hurt or people are disturbed, if a polite “no” doesn’t work, rudeness is completely acceptable to ensure your safety.


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