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Celebrate National Coffee Day in San Antonio

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·Cajun Coffee Shack: double points for National Coffee Day)

·Brevity Coffee Co.: free extra shot today

·Mudslingers:  Enjoy any size BREWED COFFEE (iced or hot) for only $2 to celebrate

·Red Runner Coffee: stop by today and you could win a $25 Red Runner gift card              

·Duck Donuts: get a free medium coffee or cold brew with any donut purchase. Use the code COFFEEDAY if purchasing online.

·Dunkin’: Loyalty members can get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase on Thursday. The offer excludes nitro cold brew and cold brew. The offer is not available on delivery platforms or through guest orders on the Dunkin’ app.

·Krispy Kreme: free hot or iced cup of coffee to people who buy online, in-store or through the drive-thru. Rewards members can also get a free doughnut of choice with their free coffee.

·McDonald’s: $1 hot or iced coffee through the app.

·PJ’s Coffee:  use PJ’s mobile app to get a free 12-ounce hot coffee or cold brew with the promo code COFFEE on Thursday. The offer does not include flavoring or substitutions.

·Shipley’s Donuts: get a free medium house blend coffee with any purchase, either in-store or online. on Thursday. If purchasing online, use promo code COFFEE929.

·Smoothie King: The chain has an ongoing promotion that includes any new espresso or cold brew coffee smoothie for $5. The promotion is only available before 11 a.m.


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