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Cell Phone Safety

If you really think about it, cell phones are MAGIC! Telephone, text, video calls, radio, music, banking, camera, stopwatch, GPS, flashlight, QR Code reader, video recorder, voice recorder, games, clock, weather...and so much more!

So be smart!

·First, never call back an unknown number. Scammers often use familiar area codes to gain your trust while gaining access to your information.

·Experts also say it’s a bad idea to access banking information from your device, as some banking apps lack proper security features.

·When it comes to apps, never download them from third-party websites. It may give you paid software for free, but it opens up you to malware.

·Also, avoid storing passwords and important information on your device. Apps like LastPass and 1password offer secure ways to store passwords.

·When it comes to charging your cellphone, avoid using a public charging station. Charging stations can be easily modified to give cyber criminals access to your phone.

·It’s also important to turn off your phone frequently. It wipes all the cache and temporary data stored on your phone, which clears up storage and gives you a longer battery life.

·One last smart tip is to be careful when using battery saving apps. Most of the apps consume your battery life when it’s running in the background, and they are usually a waste of money.


Mobile phones background. Pile of different modern smartphones.

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