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Women tend to skip doctor appointments so prioritize these checkups

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While confusion, annoyance, or a general lack of planning may interfere with the cadence of an individual’s medical appointments, maintaining frequent communication with healthcare professionals is a crucial step in preventative care. It’s often in routine appointments that doctors can detect new signs of illness that may require additional care. Detecting and treating a disease early can stop or slow its progression and substantially improve people’s quality of life.

·      Routine Blood Work

·      Blood Pressure Screening

·      Mental Health Screening

·      Pap Tests

·      Mammograms

·      Colon Cancer Screening

·      Bone Density Test

·      Sexually-Transmitted Infection (STI) Screening

·      Lung Cancer Exam

·      Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exams

Once you meet with a physician and go over your medical history, family history, and risk factors, the frequency at which you need to do these routine health exams will change. Many of these conditions are treatable and caught early, can improve, and in some cases, be cured.


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