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Home Decor You Should Thrift Instead of Buy New, According to Experts

Beautiful Round Bedside / Reading Lamp

Photo: FroggyFrogg / iStock / Getty Images

I love shopping at thrift stores. You can find the coolest things for little money, and I'm always one trying to save. So what should you buy?

For the First-time Thrifter: Books, Pottery, and Hard Furniture

For the Seasoned Secondhand Shopper: Upholstered Furniture and Light Fixtures

What You Shouldn't Buy Secondhand: experts’ lists include mattresses, stuffed animals, pillows and “anything soft that looks like it could have collected decades of dust that has sunken into it.” Buy linens, blankets, and the like only if you’re able to wash them. 

Expert Thrifters' Favorite Finds and Tips

  • Reuse over buying new
  • Mix thrifted pieces alongside modern items for a fresh take on vintage-style.
  • Look for items with good bones and personality.
  • Consider items that aren't in the art or home decor section as art.


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